Weisshorn Caravan Roof Vent Hatch Fan 12V RV Motorhome Vents with remote control

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The Weisshorn Caravan Roof Vent should be a crucial part of your caravan. It can help to create ample ventilation for your caravan during summer and keep condensation to a minimum during any wet season. Plus, the vent also prevents any damp or mould from developing inside your caravan that could be hazardous to your health. Our roof vent features an automatic rain sensor that closes when rain is detected. And unlike other vents, our vent also has an insect mesh to keep insects such as mosquitoes out. The PVC plastic roof vent has three air speeds with up to 1200rpm to circulate the air thoroughly through the caravan. For total convenience, the roof vent comes with a remote control with a range of up to 18m. Better still, the vent also has a manual knob control to close or open the vent in the event of emergencies. Not least, the roof vent can function as an intake or exhaust fan when required.


Rain sensor

Low power consumption

High fan speed: up to 1200rpm

Three fan speeds selection

Reversible airflow

Built in insect mesh

High quality PC material

Fit 34.2cm x 34.2cm x 15.5cm hole

Sits 9.5cm above roof when closed

Easy Installation

Back-up manual lift knot

Remote controllable

Note: Bonus remote control (Batteries are not included)



Material: Polycarbonates

Suits hole size: 34.2cm x 34.2cm x 15.5cm

High fan speed: up to 1200rpm

Fan diameter: 29cm

Height When closed above roof: 95mm

Dimension:Please check gallery photo

Power: 18W

Voltage: 12V

Current: 2A

Colour: Dark blue

Assembly Required: Yes

Number of packages: 1

Package Content

1 x WEISSHORN caravan roof vent

1 x Remote Control

1 x User Manual