Weisshorn Camping Shower Tent Portable Toilet Outdoor Change Room Ensuite

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Planning a camping trip and thinking whereabouts for shower and changing during the trip? Why not bring your own ensuite shower that gives you privacy and shelter? Plus a portable loo that can be placed in the tent. You can do all that with the Weisshorn Privacy Tent and Portable Toilet.

The Privacy Tent is designed with fibreglass poles for a sturdy structure and comes with pegs and ropes to hold it down firmly. No more worries about the wind or anything that will topple it while you’re showering or changing. And with the Portable Toilet, its simple design makes it easy to use with two sets of legs to enable it for adults or kids use. The bags and cable ties also make it easy to dispose of the waste contents without any hassle.

Lightweight and durable, the entire ensemble is also suitable for outdoor events, trade shows or vendors that need portable convenience with an easy set-up.


Shower/Changing Tent

Large double sided zipped door

220cm extra tall & 120cm extra wide - Maximum comfort

Sturdy steel poles - Strong structure

Cross-pole roof - Extra headroom

Removable rain cover - Better ventilation

Hanging bar - Clothing and towels

Mesh flooring - Great water drainage system

4 Handy storage pockets - Toiletries

Pegs and ropes included - Maximum stability

Comes with a carry bag

Lightweight & portable

Ideal for camping, beach events, trade shows, clothing vendors, etc.

Portable Camping Toilet Seat

High quality construction

Easy to set up and dismantle

Max. 120kg weight capacity

Strong and durable plastic seat

Anti-slip legs with rubber shoes

Bonus 10 disposable waste bags

Bonus three short legs


Shower/Changing Tent

Brand: Weisshorn

Fabric material: 190T Polyester

Pole material: Steel

Capacity: 1-2 person

Size: 118 x 117 x 219cm

Colour: Navy and Grey

Portable 20L Toilet

Freshwater capacity: 12L

Waste tank capacity: 20L

Dimension: 38 x 34.5 x 42cm

Overall dimension: Please refer to gallery

Colour: Grey

Package Content

1 x Weisshorn Shower Tent

1 x Portable Toilet

1 x Portable toilet carry bag

1 x Assembly Instructions