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STAINLESS STEEL Chicken / Poultry / Water Drinker Nipples 5pk or 10pk

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Stainless Steel Nipple Chicken Poultry Drinkers

High Quality


Drinker nipples are valves which dispense a drip of water whenever they are pecked at.

Nipple style waterer had been typically used by professional chicken farmers for many years due to many outstanding reasons. No more poop in water. No spiling and soaking the nesting material so the chickens can get nature gravity fed by fresh, clean water without dieases.

More and more backyard chicken farmers come to agree to freely DIY or home made their own nipple waterer system by their chicken numbers. Because it is easy and quick to build. Save money and save time of looking after chickens. Even leave town for the weekend without worrying about the flock.

This listing is for a pack of screw in style Quality stainless steel chicken waterer nipples. Removable parts for cleaning. Item is easy to install in PVC pipe, a bucket or container.. Just simply screw in to your drilled hole. No experience necessary. Weather your chicks are a day old or 5 years old. Works great for broilers,layers,breeders, pullets, chicks, ducks and other game birds & also suitable for Rabbits.

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