400m Electric Fence Polytape

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Poly tape is a composite of poly twine and stainless steel conducting wires. Stainless steel strands are woven through the rope making it strong and provides you with high visibility choice for your fence line.

This Poly-tape is for permanent or temporary fencing of sheep, cattle and pigs. It provides an excellent high level of conductivity that allows for the use of high and low powered battery energisers.

UV-stabilized polymer webbing offers longer life and five stainless-steel wires ensure good conductivity, making it ideal for portable electric fences. It's rust resistant, durable and easy to maintain.

  • Red and White high visibility colours
  • Compatible with fence energiser
  • 5 strands of stainless steel wire
  • Width: 12mm
  • U.V stabilized
  • High Grade Polyethylene
  • High conductivity wire

  • 1 x 400m Roll