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Reptile Egg Incubator

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The main updates to this unit over the ReptiPro  5000 are the following:

  • Updated exterior styling
  • Updated clear shelves and water tray
  • Recessed fan housing allowing more interior space
  • Increased fan power for better temperature distribution
  • Built in power converter in back of unit so it is no longer inline on the power cord

Safety Manual:

  • Read and follow the safety instructions carefully
  • To avoid accidents, do not touch the rotating or heating equipment.
  • Caution: Disconnect power before installing, servicing, or moving the product.
  • This equipment is not intended to be used by a person including children, who is incapacitated, neurologically or mentally aberrant, and inexperienced or knowledgeable individuals. These people who use the equipment must be supervised by an experienced adult And instructions under the circumstances and to determine the safety operation. Children will have to be closely monitored to ensure that they are not playing with the device.
  • All parts of this equipment are not recommended for other purposes, because there may be unsafe factors.
  • Do not install or store this equipment in open air or at temperatures below 0℃.
  • Make sure that the unit is installed on a stable surface and observe it periodically to avoid long-term high-load operation.
  • If you must connect extension cord, which must be as the same with original cord. If the current or voltage of the extension cord does not match the original line, the wire will overheat. Please carefully prepare the appropriate wires, and a professional electrician to connect the installation.
  • For indoor use only, not for other commercial purposes.
  • Please do not try to open the back of the incubator, there is no user-available materials. For maintenance, please find a professional electrician or air conditioning and heating experts.

Cleaning and maintenance :

  • Dust build-up can impede airflow and can affect the cooling or heating of the incubator.
  • Power off before cleaning.
  • Clean with a clean wet cotton cloth and natural detergent, strong chemicals can corrode plastic parts.
  • Do not soak.
  • When cleaning the fan, remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush, and then wipe it with a half-dry cloth.
1. The display temperature can be adjusted between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
2. The Specific reptile hatching temperature see the instructions attached to the product.

    • Digital temperature control-temperature can be adjusted from 5°C to 60°C, providing a constant temperature incubation environment
    • Bright LED digital display temperature
    • The internal illuminator switch is located on the front panel of the incubator, and can be easily switched on and off to view the incubation conditions without affecting the incubation process.
    • The power switch is located on the front panel of the incubator and can be turned on or off during incubation.
    • The two-layer slidable compartment can take full advantage of the hatching space.
    • The slidable sink keeps the temperature for the hatching process.
    • With easy-to-carry handle and car-board interface, the incubator can be used as an incubator to transport reptiles or amphibians; it is the best choice for transporting animals that require constant temperature.

    • Power consumption: DC, the cooling power is 50w, heating power is 40w
    • Operating voltage: 12 volts DC and 220 to 240 volts AC household or car design
    • AC (household): One end of the power cord is connected to the device and the other end is connected to an electrical outlet
    • DC (Car): One end of the vehicle-mounted line is connected to the equipment And the other end is connected to the cigarette lighter port of the automobile
    • Internal specification: D23.9 × L27 × H37 cm (9.4 x 10.6 x 14.6 inch)
    • External specification: D41.7 × L34 × H47.7 cm (16.4 x 13.4 x 18.8 inch)

Package Content
  • 1 ×Main Unit
  • 1 × English Manual


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    • Please do check everything carefully after you received the parcel, any the damage except DOA (Dead-On-Arrival) would not be covered if it's your fault.
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