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Premium Grade Greenhouse 3.05m x 2.44m (with Auto Vent)

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Our Greenhouses are a great investment irrelevant of its size and shape, it will provide year long pleasures of gardening the vegetables, flowers and plants of choice that you can use and enjoy as you like. Moreover, Gardening is also a wonderful hobby that not only relaxes the senses of those that practice it but also gives back to the nature and environment, cleaner, fresher air. Order our greenhouse today and make a difference!

Features & Specifications:

    Panels: Twin-Wall 6mm Polycarbonate with UV protective Coating
    Dimensions: 3.05m x 2.44m
    Main Frame: At least 1.5mm Premium Grade Aluminium - Rust Proof (Green)
    Base Frame: Colour coated and zinc plated steel (Green)
    Gutters: Aluminum Included
    Vent openers: FREE Automatic Openers (Adjustable wax pistons open and close vents based on temperature)
           Doors:  Double sliding doors (920mm Wide x 1710mm high) 


    6mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate - 100% Virgin Polycarbonate (Not recycled)

    • Our Twin-Wall Polycarbonate provides over 92% of light transmission to your plants
    • Strong and durable and upto 200 times stronger than glass!
    • The weather resistant UV coating blocks out 99.9% of harmful solar UV-A and over 90% of UV-B

    Slotted Channel

    Our Greenhouses are designed with groove channelled frames. The polycarbonate panels slots easily for extra strength and stability against wind and wear. The panels are held firmly in place at the bottom with fitted strips. You will save time,improve draft insulation and reduce panel rattle.


    Full side wall bracing

    Our Greenhouses are fully braced with 90 degree angled aluminium panels of the side wall. These are stronger than flat bracing that give the greenhouse a more solid structure and reinforcement against wind and weather.


    Roof Longevirty - Extra Bracing

    Together with side wall bracing,roof bracing of the Pro Green Aluminium Greenhouse will fully provide an additional strength to the roof. This prevents sagging which normally occurs after a few years of lesser greenhouses which comprises the structure. It’ll be hassle free,as your plants would be fully protected year round,every year.


    One-Piece Base Design

    Our steel base is manufactured in solid lengths. Less pegs, less bolts=less points of failure, less sagging, less time spent building and maintaining the greenhouse. More time to enjoy and concentrate on what's on the inside!

    **We have many other greenhouse sizes to choose from, please kindly contact us and inquire.