75 Ton Yukon Diesel Log Splitter Wood Cutter Axe Block

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This Yukon heavy duty hydraulic log splitter pumps out a whopping 75 tons peak power / 65 tons rated power for both vertical and horizontal operation. With its powerful diesel engine, this behemoth will do most regular log splitting jobs with the engine just idling.

Do you need to take care of clearing trees before the bush fire season starts? Or maybe some trees have come down after some wild weather? Whatever the job, you'll get it done quickly and easily with all the grunt this unit pumps out. This heavy-duty log splitter is great for those bigger jobs.

Equipped with 170mm ram and a 2 stage pump, it can generate a peak splitting force of 75 ton. The Yukon 2-way contoured wedge is superbly designed to split a log into 2 pieces, all in one single powerful pass, unlike on other splitters. Its anti-jam design also makes for quicker, easy splitting. Giving you bigger logs for a slower, longer burn.

  • Powerful Diesel Engine
  • MASSIVE 170mm diameter RAM
  • MAX FORCE PEAK: 75 Ton
  • Rated Splitting Force: 65 Ton
  • 2 stage pump
  • Vertical and Horizontal operation
  • 2-way splitting wedge
  • Automatic cylinder return
  • Cast iron tow ball mount
  • 16in Wheels
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 41 L
  • Minimum 25 liters of Shell Tellus 32 or equivalent
  • 1.65 liters of Diesel engine oil
  • Engine Fuel Tank - 5.5L
  • Auto return Valve
  • Ram cycle time: 16 seconds
  • Max log length: 600mm

  • Brand: Yukon
  • Max. Splitting Force: 75 Ton (peak)
  • Max. Splitting Length: 600mm
  • Ram diameter: 170mm
  • Cycle Time: 16 seconds
  • Ignition Type: Electric Start, Pull Start

  • 1x Diesel Log Splitter