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Grinding Chainsaw Cutting/Carving Disc 4" / 22 Tooth

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This is an accessory of abrasive tool and can be used with 4" or 4-1/2" angle grinders, easy to use and install.

Can be used in any directions, practical saw teeth, anti-kickback action.

Grinder disc chain saw takes the muscle work out of cutting, carving, removing and sculpting of wood, plastics, ice and hard rubber with their speed and maneuverability. 

The chain saw blade is held in place between two steel plates, which provides a secure grip for carving. Regardless of grain or knots, the blade cuts through the material with ease to the user.

22 tooth design provides a smooth “finished” surface, which is great for minimal sanding afterwards.

Chains can be sharpened with a chain saw file or replaced as needed.

Great for curved work, like the inside of bowls, for fast waste removal

Material: alloy

Color: silver

Diameter: 100mm / 4"

Arbor: 16mm / 5/8"

Maximum speed: 14000rpm

Fits for: 4"(100mm) or 4-1/2"(115mm) angle grinder

Item size: 100 * 100 * 5mm / 3.9 * 3.9 * 0.2in

Item weight: 174g / 6.1ounce

Package size: 220 * 142 * 22mm / 8.7 * 5.6 * 0.9in

Note: Allow 3-7 days delivery