Giantz Tyre Deflater with Pressure Gauge Valve

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Airing down is a key part of any off road trip. Quite often it is the tyre pressure which determines if you can make it or get stuck. By lowering tyre pressure it allows you to gain extra traction on soft surface and avoid tyre punctures.

Featuring durable and corrosion resistant rubber housing with an operating range of up to 60PSI, the GIANTZ 2-IN-1 Tyre Gauge & Deflator allows you to quickly deflate large tyres to very low pressures while monitoring the pressure on the gauge. The gauge shows accurate tyre pressure in 5 measurement units; Psi/Kpa/Kg/cm2/Bar when the release valve is pressed. With precise control, it will deflate your tyre in 30 seconds! The GIANTZ 2-IN-1 Tyre Gauge & Deflator is very simple and easy to use with no additional tool required.


4-Way tyre valve tool

Stainless steel shaft

Corrosion resistant

Anti shock gauge

Premium quality brass deflator

Operating range of 60PSI - 0PSI

Rapid deflating speed

Convenient hands-free deflation

Large white display panel

Easy to read dual pressure measurements

No additional tool required

Comes w/ a storage case

Suitable for all tyres with standard valve


Operating range: 60PSI - 0PSI

Deflating speed: 1 PSI/second

Increment: 1 PSI

Measurement unit: PSI/kpa/kg/cm2/Bar

House length: 29.5cm

Colour: Black

Package Content

1 x 2-IN-1 Tyre Gauge & Deflator

1 x 4-Way Tyre Valve Tool

4 x Valve Cap

1 x Storage Case