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Fully Automatic Macerator Disposal Pump Unit 600W

Our fully automatic 600W macerator pump features 3 inlets ports that enables you to connect up to 3 sanitary devices including your toilet, hand sink and shower altogether to complete a bathroom where conventional drainage would be too expensive to consider.

It is quiet in operation with only 25-35DB and fully automatic when activated by flushing. Designed with a class leading aluminium motor casing and tough stainless steel blade for ultra-fine waste cutting, ensuring that it crushes the faeces and disposes easily.


* Fully automatic operation system triggered by flushing

* Sharp & tough stainless steel blades for ultra-fine waste cutting

* 3 inlets for different connections

* Class leading stainless steel motor casing

* 2850 RPM Powerful motor

* Includes non-return valves

* Multi-size fitting to suit different size pipes

* Pumps up to 9.5 meters vertically

* Pumps up to 70-100 meters horizontally (Depending on pipe size)

* Quiet operation: 25-35db


* Voltage: 240V/50Hz

* Power: 600W

* Max. height: 9.5m

* Max. horizontal length: 70-100m (Depending on pipe size)

* Max. flow rate: 270L/min

* Max. water temperature: 90c

* Min. water temperature: 1c

* Non-return valve: Included

* Inlet size (Inner diameter): 1 x 83mm, 2 x 38mm

* Outlet size (Alternative): 30mm, 38mm, 45mm

* Security seal: 135°C

* Capacitor: 16UF/ 500V

Package Contents

1 x 600W Macerator Pump

1 x User Manual