Giantz Electric Clean Water Pump

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3300L/H | QB80 | Copper Motor

This pump is ideal for pool pumping, increasing the water pressure in a pipe, garden sprinkling, irrigation or cleaning. It has a reliable rust-resistant brass impeller and a 55L/min maximum flow rate. Delivery head of 60 metres and suction up to 8 metres. This pump is simple to install and easy to use. No need of sophisticated knowledge of pumping but just a little imagination of how much you can do with it. It will pump up the water in no time.


* Powerful 750W, 3300L/H, 60m head model

* Superior rust-resistant brass impeller

* Highly conductive and low heat generation copper motor

* Low consumption but high flow

* Easy operation and maintenance

* Built to last cast iron construction

* Ceramic and carbon mechanical seal

* Compliance to AU standard

* Low noise level operation

* 12 month warranty

* Ideal for pool pumping, garden sprinkling, irrigation, cleaning, home water supply and more

* Voltage/ Frequency: 220~240V/ 50Hz

* Impeller: Brass

* Power: 1HP/ 750w

* Motor wire: Copper

* Flow rate: 3300L//Hour (55L/Min)

* Max head: 60m

* Inlet/outlet: 1 inch

* Suction: 8m

* Speed: 2900r/min

* Protection: IP44

Package Contents

1 x Pump QB80