Giantz 3km 0.1J Solar Electric Fence Energiser Energizer Charger with 400M Tape

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3km Solar Electric Fence Energiser + 400M Tape

Worried about livestock and animals escaping your property? Or keeping pesky animals from neighbours or the wild away? The Giantz Solar Electric Fence Energiser is perfect solution to set everything in its place.

Whether it is used on the farm or around your home, the Solar Fence Energiser can be effective in either environment. Sporting a simple-to- install design, the Solar Fence Energizer can be up in minutes. It is compact, lightweight and versatile, making it an effective low maintenance item around the property.

Be it a few hundred metres or 3km, our Fence Energiser can continuously keep your fence charged. If activated by an animal coming into contact with the fence, the unit will only generate a brief pulse to prevent harmful electric shocks as the voltage will drop from 8KV to 1.2KV, which is ample to deter animals.

Fully charged, the Fence Energiser, with its efficient monocrystalline solar panel, can store energy of up to 20 sun-less days and has protective functions to prevent over charging and reverse battery malfunction. Not least, the bonus 400m 5-strand stainless steel polytape is built to last and made highly visible for compatible and effective use with the Fence Energiser.

So have total peace of mind, knowing that everything will be in place with the Giantz Solar Fence Energiser and polytape.


Solar Fence Energiser

3km solar electric fence energiser

0.1J fence energiser withl ead acid battery

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

Overcharge and reverse battery protection

15 to 20 days operation on sunless conditions


Continuous function

Safe light electrical pulse

Connection cables included

Bonus 4 x warning sign sticker

Highly visible red and white tape

Compatible with fence energiser

5 strands of 0.20mm stainless steel

Tightly wound and UV stabilised

Anti-rust and high conductivity stainless steel wire


Solar Fence Energiser

Discharge energy: 0.1J

Output voltage: 8kV (+ -1.5kV)

Charge voltage: 7.5V to 9.5V DC

Fence length: Up to 3km

Battery: 6V 4.5Ah Lead Sealed

Operation time of a fully charged battery: 15-20 days

Waterproof rating: IP3

Solar panel: Monocrystalline silicon

Solar panel output: 1.3W

Solar panel size: 12cm x 13.5cm

Dimensions: 14cm x 19.5cm x 27.5cm

Tape Length: 400m/roll

Tape Width: 12mm

Tape Strand: 5 x 0.2mm stainless steel wire

Tape Electrical resistance: 5.3ΩOHMS

Tape Coating: UV treated

Tape Colour: Red and white

Package Content

1 x Solar Electric Fence Energiser

1 x Cable Set

1 x Warning Sign

1 x 400m Polytap