GIANTZ 320W Chainsaw Sharpener Chain Saw Electric Grinder File

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The Giantz Chainsaw sharpener is definitely a cut above the rest. With its rated 220W solid copper motor, the sharpener delivers constant blade speed with no hot spots. Plus, its rigid chain vice ensures precision cutting and clean grinds every time for an extended chain life. The non-corrosive metal chain stop also enables you to sharpen the chainsaw like a pro whilst being compatible with all common chain types and sizes. Better still, you get a more precise and steady grinding with the fine adjustment angle, pitch and depth of grind ensuring a correctly sharpened chain that will not kick back. Also included are four grinding wheels to help attain cutting-edge effectiveness with every grind.


Enhanced motor

Sturdy body

Adjustment scale

4 x grinding disc

Enhanced motor

Superb craftsmanship

Extended chain life

Rigid chain vice

Sharpen all pitches: 0.325, 404, 3/8, 3/16

Industry-standard 10mm arbor

Accepts all common chain types and sizes


Operating Voltage: 220-240V

Rated Power: 220W

Max Power: 320W @ 50% duty cycle

Max Motor Speed: 7,500rpm

Max Cutting Length: 250mm

Vice Capacity: 0.80" To 0.50

Maximum working angle: 350 left to right

Wheel Dimensions: Diameter up to 100mm

Cord Length: 0.3m

Package Content

1 x Chainsaw sharpener

4 x Grinding discs

1 x Manual