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Full Body Child Mannequin

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Child Size Clothing Mannequin

With its realistic features, our Child Mannequin comprises the entire body for a real-life dressing up. It comes in four separate parts: head, torso with legs and left and right arms.The head and arms can be rotated 360°while the head has a vertical up/down adjustment of up to 360°. Use the Mannequin to display anything from clothes to fashion accessories and everything else in between.

Made of eco-friendly PP material, the Mannequin is more durable than fiberglass models and comes complete with a polished edge glass base for safe use. Stay ahead of the competition and let our Child Mannequin show the way.


* Perfect for fashion clothing and accessories display

* Suitable for both boys and girls clothing display

* Adjustable arms

* Adjustable head angle

* Simple installation

* Polished edge glass base


* Material: PP

* Base: Glass

* Height: 110cm

* Colour: Light skin

Package Content

1 x Child Mannequin