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Earth Spiral Auger Drill Bits 250/300mm for Garden Planting

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Heavy duty steel shaft with Non-Slip Hex Drive
Fits any standard 3/8" or larger drill
Ideal bulb and bedding plant auger, Exponentially increases planting speed and ease
Decreases planting time by up to 500-Percent
Drills holes in all types of soil
Convenient pegboard box for storage when not in use
Durable cast steel pilot bit ensures a long service life
Applied to your own cordless drill. No special tools required
Solid Steel Shaft won't bend or twist out of shape
Pride of Its Materials and Craftsmanship - Hand Welded in the USA
Very simple to operate
Doesn't require great strength - the drill does all the work
Why choose our product?
--Extended Flattened Tip
Have a machine milled point and blade flighting that starts immediately above it. As soon as they hit the ground, they start digging.
--Only Tack Welded - easy to break in hard ground
Have an extended bead weld at the top and bottom which will not break easily.
--Hex Shaped End - Excellent Grip
Have a machined Hex Shaped end giving excellent balanced grip in drill chucks.
It eliminates constantly bending over while drilling, and this rapid planter will drill through loose, even rocky materials, so you can plant bulbs and bedding plants anywhere you want.
Package Included:
1 x Spiral Drill Bit ( Spiral Drill Machine not included )