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Dual GPS follow-me waypoints, orbit flying DRONE

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Dual GPS, follow-me, waypoints, orbit flying and so much more… It’s time to reach new heights and traverse undiscovered terrains with our premium, high-capacity drones.

This advanced quadcopter is fitted with the highly responsive ‘follow-me’ function, allowing breath-taking ‘selfies’ at the hit of a button. Your drone will follow you directionally, offering panoramic, one-of-a-kind snapshots of your experiences.

Enjoy a huge flight distance up to 300 metres, with a long flight time of 15 minutes. The quadcopter’s super-stable and unique, 6-axis gyro quad formation ensures constancy and sturdiness in your flight, with stronger wind resistance, easy-to-use flight controls and movement functions. Equipped with a bigger and stronger 3.7V 1800mah lithium-ion battery, you can ensure longer flight time.

The quadcopter features a high-definition, live streaming camera, so that you can store and revisit any adventures that you capture. Whether you’re taking the scenic route on a cross-country holiday, or wanting a unique way to record your next special event, its powerful camera will let you stream live video up to an incredible 300 metres in distance, as far as your drone will fly, with a range of settings to ensure the highest quality of filming possible.

Enjoy a dual GPS system with orbital flying – allowing you to capture smooth, circling video footage of a point of interest of your choosing. Set up to five waypoints each flight so your camera can capture multiple locations during your routes. This quadcopter will fly on autopilot in a programmed route taking aerial photos and video. The 3-speed will take you 30, 60 or 100% speed capacity.

With a high precision steering engine, experience an automatic ‘altitude hold’ to ensure your flight is steady at a set altitude while you operate the pitch and yaw. The 70° adjustable camera is Wi-Fi-powered, allowing HD live-streaming in 720p to your smartphone via its full-scale remote control system. Record your pictures and videos with the quadcopter’s free and convenient android and iPhone app, downloadable from their relevant App Stores.

By night, your quadcopter will light up the sky with a set of bright night lights, so that the adventures don’t have to end when the sun leaves for the day. Enjoy a smooth one-key take-off, tracking, landing, waypoint flight, surrounding and GPS one-key return. If you are low on battery power or the remote control loses signal, your quadcopter will auto return with no worries.

Customise your drones flight-style with a range of modes, including the ‘headless mode’ that secures your camera in the direction of flight, regardless of what direction your quadcopter is turning in. The 2.4GHz remote control features a 5 channel control experience, so your movement has no limits.

Let your new quadcopter capture your next adventure from a different view, while you sit back and control your flight – your way. Complete with protection rings, a battery charging cable with overcharge protection and many adventures of fun ahead.

 Features: Follow Me ‘selfie’ function, dual GPS, set up to five waypoints, HD camera with Wi-Fi connectivity, adjust camera angle 70° via remote control, headless mode, altitude hold, one key GPS landing, return, tracking, waypoint flight, surrounding and take-off, 6-axis gyro quad, 3-speed, orbit flying, point of interest, bright night lights, 2.4GHz transmitter, easy-adjust frequency, full scale remote control, 3.7V 1800mah lithium-ion battery, hovering with prevent lock and low-power protection, low power return, lost signal return, ascend, descend, forward, backward, side-flying, hover, 5-channel, protection rings, battery charging cable, overcharge protection • Flight Distance: 300 metres • Flight Time: 15 minutes • Camera: HD WiFi – 1280 x 720 • Live Video: Up to 300 metres • Charging Time: 2.5 – 3 hours • Ages: 8+ • Main Unit Measurements: 35cm x 35cm x 14cm • Weight: 231g