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MelPet Dog Pet Hair Dryer with Heater

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Pet Dog Cat Hair Dryer Grooming Adjustable Speed Hairdryer Blower Heater Blaster


  • Make them look extra beautiful and extra cute.

  • Our pet hair dryer is equipped with a powerful and stable motor.

  • Whether it's a giant dog or a tiny kitten, it can quickly dry them.

  • Halves the amount of time spent drying your pet.

  • Blows out any loose fur.

  • Less messy for your living area.

  • Speed-regulating device.

  • You can adjust the airflow according to the size of your pet.



    • Prevents colds from insufficient hair drying after a bath

    • Prevents skin diseases caused by fungal infections

    • Prevents fur oxidisation to yellow caused by the water stains on the fur.

    • Removes hair knots and to leave softer, fluffier and silkier fur.

    • Comes with spring hose and 3 nozzles, for straight or curly fur.

    • Advanced design for lower noise, four-layer noise reduction device at air inlets.

    • Easy to clean and maintain.

    • Airflow variable: 2 air speeds and 2 heat settings

    • Lightweight, easy to use, perfect to use at home or commercially.

    • Soft start and stable motor ensure high safety: Protection from current buffers ensures the dryer will not discharge any impulse current when starting.

    • When the heating switch is turned off, the air outlet temperature will be 15-20°C higher than the surrounding environment and 25-45°C higher when the switch is turned on.



    • Gear Temperatures: 35°C or 75°C

    • Wind speed: 25 m/s-50 m/s

    • Voltage: 220V-240V

    • Power: 2400W

    • Material: Metal and Plastic



    1x Pet Dryer

    3x Air-blast Nozzles (One Round and Two Flat)

    1x Connected Pipe

    1x Filter