Devanti Cordless 150W Handstick Vacuum Cleaner - Black

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Devanti Cordless 150W Handstick Vacuum Cleaner - Black

Designed as an optional cleaning head for use with Devanti 150W cordless vacuum cleaner, the motorized roller cleaner head makes cleaning even more effortless and hassle-free. It has an in-built motor that powers up the cleaning with the help of crevices and a soft roller to ensure tender loving cleaning on pristine surfaces. Better still, it incorporates a tangle-free design that prevents pet or human hair from being tangled with the roller, thereby keeping maintenance and cleaning down-time to a minimum. Other great features include a pivoting head with tilt and angle adjustment, anti-static carbon fibre filaments, removable cover and brushes and not least, a LED headlight to light the way in cleaning dimly lit or under furniture areas.


* Motorised roller cleaner head

* In-built motor

* LED headlight

* Stiff nylon bristles

* Soft roller

* Tangle-free

* Pivoting head

* Tilt and angle adjustment

* Flexible stick movement

* Small rollers

* Anti-static carbon fibre filaments

* Hassle-free cleaning

* Removable cover and brushes

* Suitable for both hard floor and carpet cleaning

* For use with Devanti 120W and 150W Cordless Vacuum Cleaners only


* Brand: Devanti

* Type: Motorised roller cleaner head

* Motor rotate speed: 2500rpm

* Stiff nylon length: 0.5cm

* Soft pile length: 1cm

* For tube diameter: 3cm

* Overall dimensions: 24.5cm x 29cm x 6cm

Package Content

1 x Motorised Roller Cleaner Head