Ceramic Water Filter 7 Stage Water Purifier Dispenser Bench Top 16L Cartridge

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If you do not like the taste of your tap water but bottled water is just too expensive, our Ceramic Water Purifier may be the perfect solution for you. It has a huge 16L capacity so there is enough clean water for your whole family without needing to refill too often, yet it is compact enough to conveniently sit on your benchtop. It is practically designed with a top-loading design so that you can easily refill the water tank and a water tap for easy water dispensing. The ceramic water purifier utilises an 7-stage purification system with ceramic, activated carbon, silica sand, zeolite, red mineral ball and mineral stone layers to remove harmful contaminants, eliminate unpleasant odours, restore necessary minerals and maintain pH balance. Each filter cartridge lasts a long time and is good for purifying 10,000L of tap water a year or 6-month replacement. Best of all, setting up the purifier is completely hassle free, so that you can start enjoying pure water in no time.

Note: Please clean the filtration system twice before using ceramic water purifier, by filling with water and letting the water flow through the system.


16L total capacity

Food-grade plastic

7-stage purification

With water tap

Ceramic filter

Five-layer filtration elements

Excellent longevity

Purifies up to 1000L tap water per month

Removes rust, dust, sentiments and parasites

Blocks bacteria and germs

Mineralises water to correct pH level

Removes dangerous metal, chemicals, impurities, bacteria, discolourations and odours

Space-saving design

Light and portable

Easy installation

Easy to clean

Suitable for household and commercial use


Type: Water filter

Capacity: 16L

Material: Food-grade plastic

Purification system: 7-stage

Filtration method: Carbon/Charcoal

Filtration elements: Activated carbon, silica sand, zeolite, red mineral balls, ceramic, mineral stone

Purification speed: 1.5L/h

Water flow: 0.3L/min

Water outlet capacity: 10000L a year or 6-month cartridge replacement

Overall dimensions: 32cm x 32cm x 60cm

Colour: White

Package Contents:

1 x Ceramic Water Purifier

1 x User Manual