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Cefito Non Electric Toilet Bidet Seat Hygiene Dual Nozzles Spray Wash Bathroom

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Just as you need water to wash your face, hair, hands, feet and other parts of your body to keep clean and healthy, the same holds true for your personal areas. And if cleanliness and hygiene are important to you, then you will find our Cefito Non-electric Bidet an integral part in ensuring a refreshing lifestyle. Non-electric bidet is a convenient solution to address all your needs. The bidet fits any Australian standard size toilet and is easy to install. Simply mount on top of existing toilet seat, with no need to remove and replace it. Connect to the water supply with the supplied fittings and you are good to go – no plumber or electricians needed. The dual-nozzle bidet is easy to operate with its rotary control and has two washing modes (posterior and feminine) and five water pressure levels to suit all your washing needs. So begin a fresh approach to personal hygiene with the exceptionally safe and reliable non-electric bidet.

Note: Toilet suite is for demostration purpose only.


Non-electric bidet spray

Australian standard


Rotary control

Dual nozzles

2 washing modes (posterior and feminine)

5 water pressure levels

Stainless steel hose

T-shape brass connector

Easy installation and disassembly


Brand: Cefito

Material: ABS plastic

Overall Size: 44cm x 20.6cm x 7.5cm

Hose length: 65cm

Colour: White

Package Content

1 x Cefito Non-electric Bidet

1 x Assembly Manual