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Now you can keep your pool sparkly clean with our Bestway Pool Cleaner. The pool cleaner is constructed of a lightweight adjustable aluminium pole that can extend up to 1.67m for easy reach. It comes with two interchangeable heads to perform two cleaning functions using the one tool. Attach the vacuum head and connect your garden hose to suck debris into the reusable debris bag. Attach the skimmer head with mesh net to scoop up leaves and other floating particles from the pool surface. Best of all, the pool cleaner is easy to clean after use and can be used with most above-ground swimming pools smaller than 3.96m/13ft, except steel wall pools. So get the Bestway Pool Cleaner today and see the stunning difference.


Cleans inner wall

Lightweight adjustable pole with interchangeable vacuum and skimmer heads

Vacuum head with reusable debris bag

Vacuum connects to garden hose

Skimmer head with durable mesh netting

For use with 13ft./3.96 m and below pools


Length: 2.03m/80in

For use with 3.96m/13ft and below pools

Pole length: 1.67m/65.7in

Package Content

1 x Mesh Netting

1 x Skimmer Head

3 x Aluminium Pipes