Bestway Automatic Pool Cleaner Vacuum Sucker Cordless With Pole Rechargeable

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The Bestway Automatic Pool Cleaner is a rechargeable lithium battery-operated pool cleaner that is perfect for use with spas and above-ground pools up to 6.01m in diameter. The entire assembly is submersible and it does it cleaning work underwater efficiently and effectively, clearing the pool and spa floor of dirt and debris. Better still, it also filters the water. The debris are collected in a removable and re-useable filter bag and replaceable bristles help to scrub off any stubborn dirt. Other features include a smooth set of wheels for easy gliding and a versatile 5-pole assembly set for different lengths if needed. So say goodbye to tedious pool maintenance and get the Bestway Automatic Pool Cleaner for a crystal-clear spa or pool everytime.


Aqua powercell vac

Completely submersible body

Compatible with spas and above ground pools (up to 6.01m (20’) diameter)

Removable filter bag

Smooth wheels

Suction head with wheels and brushes

Flat brush to clean edges

5-poles assembly set

Rechargeable Lithium battery

40 minutes operating time

4 – 6 hours batter life


Packaging Size: 51.5cm x 11cm x 9cm

Assembly Required: Yes

Number of packages: one

Product Contents:

1 x Cleaner body

1 x Large head

1 x Flat brush

1 x Filter bag

1 x USB cable

1 x 5-section 50 cm (19.7") aluminum pole