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Automatic Water Trough Stainless Steel Sheep Dog Chicken Cow Auto Fill Bowl With Bonus Float

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Automatic Stainless Steel Water Trough

NOW WITH BONUS FLOAT! 2 FLOATS IN TOTAL + male brass garden hose fitting!

This automatic drinking bowl or water feeder made from stainless steel provides reliable and consistently fresh water for your animals.

Comes with a plastic float mech. 

The trough now also has a drainage bung to allow for easy cleaning and brass male garden hose fitting.

This trough has one inlet hole on the left hand side when looking at the trough from the front. It does NOT have an inlet hole on the oposite side.

Suitable to use with mains pressure or gravity feed.


Corrosion resistant stainless steel SS304

Automatically fills according to float level

Adjustable float mechanism

Drainage bung

Slopes from back to front to allow easy access for animals and simplified cleaning

Wall mountable (bolts not included)

Capacity approx. 2.5L

Hinged cover to protect float assembly

Brass male garden hose type fitting

W = 270mm L = 250mm H = 100mm