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Product description:

If you're one of those with a green thumb and just love gardening, why not have your very own greenhouse in your backyard?

This greenhouse is incredibly easy to set up with a sliding door entrance so you can get easy access to your green house or adjust the level of humidity within to provide the optimal environment for your plants! Equipped with a galvanized steel that will never rust, this house for your plants will sit perfectly in your backyard.Perfect for outdoor weather, it features a sturdy anodised aluminium frame and transparent twin wall panels that allow 90% light transmission. The transparent design of the green house allows for sunlight to travel through while offering a pleasant view as you watch your plants grow. Suitable for growing all sorts of plants all year round, this spacious greenhouse protects them from birds and other damaging pests while offering more than enough room to plant all your favourite plants and vegetables!


Foot Walk In Green HouseAllows 90% Light Transmission Sturdy Anodised Aluminium Frame Galvanized Steel Which Will Never Rust Sliding Door

Specification :

Product Dimension (L x W x H) 370cm x 190cm x 205cm

With 1.0-1.2mm Alu-Frame  

With 4mm Pol-sheets  

With 1 Side door , 1 Vent, Without Metal Base

Frame Anodised Aluminium

Package Dimension (L x W x H) Cartons:250cm x 15cm x 15cm approx137cm x 65cm x 15cm approx

Feature:(high ratio of quality/price hot house):

1. Panel of warm house: 4mm Polycarbonate (PC)

2. Frame of warm house: Aluminum, average thickness 1.2mm

3. Base and pegs of warm house: Zinc plated steel

4. Door of warm house: single slide door

5. With UV coating & protect film, ultraviolet radiation proof

6. With detailed assembly instruction manual

This item doesn't come with shelves shown in picture

Attention: This greenhouse is not designed for the extreme weather condition such as Snow, storm or strong winds. Buyer should find some way to protect the greenhouse in this situation such as using sleepers as a foundation base or strap downs that are available from Bunnings stores.