ALPHA 26 Inch Tenor Ukulele Electric Mahogany Ukeleles Uke Hawaii Guitar with EQ

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Alpha 26" Tenor ukulele w/ EQ

The tenor ukulele is just a little bit bigger than the concert uke. The overall sound and tone is even fuller than it’s smaller brothers. For performers, the tenor ukulele is great because you get a rich full sound, and since you have bigger fret, you’re able to reach higher notes on the fretboard. What's more, With bonus 3M cable and built-in EQ , Alpha acoustic ukulele can connect to amplifier and become an electric ukulele easily.

It is cute and handy. Easy to learn and play. And sounds great too. Our ukulele promises to deliver hours of resounding fun as you sing and play your favourite tunes with wild abandon.

Crafted from rich tone woods for a matt natural finish, our Ukulele features meticulous craftsmanship and quality components that others place a premium on. Such as the Mahogany top, back and sides, contoured back, rosewood fretboard, reliable tuners, bone nut and saddle, premium nylon strings, decorative soundhole rosette and pre-installed strap pins on both ends of the body. Also included is a bonus carry bag and tuner to bring your music where it matters most. Among friends and an appreciative audience. So quit procrastinating and start your musical journey with the mesmerising sounds of the Alpha Ukulele.


26 inch electric ukulele

18 frets

Volume control

Tune control (Bass/Treble)

Easy to play without Buzzing

Smooth touch

Sapele body, top and sides

Quality tuners

Straight-through neck construction

Premium nylon strings

OX Bone nut and saddle

Bonus accessories: carry bag, electric cable, tuner, strap, 2 picks, extra string set


Top: Mahogany

Back and Side: Mahogany


Fretboard: Rosewood

Bridge : Rosewood

Nut and Saddle: Ox bone

Strings: Nylon

String Attachment: Tie

EQ function:Volume control, Treble, Bass

Finish: Matte Natural

Size:23cm x 7cm x 65cm

Output: 1/4 mono jack

Package Content

1 x ALPHA Ukulele

1 x Carry bag

1 x 3m cable

1 x Ukulele tuner

1 x Extra Ukulele strings set

1 x Ukulele Strap

2 x Picks