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56 Egg Incubator Fully Automatic Digital LED Turner Poultry Chicken Duck Quail

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Hatching eggs is a timeless experience for adults and even for kids. With Paw Mate incubators, you will be realized how fun and easy it can be.

Paw Mate automatically turns fertile eggs which can be turned every 2 hours for the first 18 days of the incubation period. After day 18, better to keep the lid closed except adding water for humidity enhancement to achieve a good hatching rate and healthy chickens. We offer various ranges of incubators with different capacities that suit your needs from quail, chicken eggs. Eggs should be stored pointy end down.

Paw Mate egg incubator features a front electronic broad. It controls the main parameters of the incubator, a front LCD panel displays plus and minus buttons set and adjust the temperature to a decimal point to ensure the temperature remains constant to an accuracy of 0.1°C that maximizes hatch rates.

Inside the lid, a grill protects the heating system which is mainly composed of a probe and a fan. Also, it creates both a wonderful internal circulation and thermal insulation from the external.

Paw Mate incubators have large inspection windows. You can check the hatching progression through the inspection windows instead of open the lid that may let humidity drops dramatically.

The design is very compact and easy to clean. Our incubator comes with complete accessories pack such as feeder, drinker, tester, etc.

Product Features

  • Quality PP material with a solid moulded construction
  • Clear cover for egg visibility; allows easy observation
  • Automatic cooling and ventilating system
  • LCD temperature display panel
  • Automatic temperature and humidity controls
  • Fully automatic egg turner
  • Simple operation and long service life
  • Comes with bonus accessory pack
  • CE & EMC approved

Package Included

  • 1x Automatic Egg Incubator
  • 1x 56-Eggs Tray
  • 1x Accessory Pack
  • 1x User Manual


Brand: Paw Mate
Type: Incubator
Material: Quality PP
Colour: Yellow
Power: 100W
Voltage: 220-240V/50-60Hz
Display: LED Temperature Display Panel
Egg Capacity: 56 Chicken / Duck / Quail
Dimensions: 51 x 53 x 30cm
56-Eggs Tray Dimensions: 43 x 41.5 x 4.6cm