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5-8km 0.4J Solar Power Electric Fence Energiser Charger for Poly Wire Tape Posts

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is the answer to your strip grazing or animal enclosure needs.

It is completely weatherproof.

The energiser can cover between 5-8km of fencing and is sold complete with an internal battery.

This unit cannot be run on mains power.

Included with the unit are wires to run from the positive terminal to the live wire on your fence and from the negative terminal to a heavy duty lead out wire or directly to your earth pole.

It is a strong and compact unit and comes with a 12-month warranty and a lifetime of after-sales support.

If you wish to set up an electric fence perimeter then all you need is this solar energiser, a pack of polyposts, polywire or polytape and an earthing system.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.



Tough, durable, thermostatic enclosure

Low-impedance technology means 1/3 less drain on the battery

Resists shorts when fence is in contact with weeds and uses no fuse

Solar panel features compartmental damage-resistant construction

Wire or tape connects directly to the terminals on the unit, negating the need for alligator clips



Output: 7.5kv, 2.0kw Max - Open circuit (intermittent)

Input 4v DC, .02a, 60Hz, 0.8watt

Stored Energy .6 Joules

Output Energy .4 Joules

Operating Range 5-8km

Dimensions L-15cm W-15cm H-29cm

Weight 1.35kg



4.6 Amp hour

Rechargeable battery

Battery is included inside unit.