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3/16" Tomato Slicer Cutter Aluminum Frame Vegetable Kitchen Commercial Grade

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Are you and your prep staff coring and slicing tomatoes by hand every single day? Not only can slicing and dicing be a possible hazard, but inconsistent cuts can also add to food cost. This 4.8mm Commercial Grade Tomato Slicer Tomato Slicer has commercial grade blades suitable to use as restaurant or professional food preparation tomato cutter with stainless steel blades and a 4.8mm cut. You have got to be tires of coring and slicing tomatoes by hand all day, so use this professional tomato slicer to slice and dice much faster and much safer as well. Consistent cuts can help lesson your food cost, by eliminating waste. With the aid of this tomato slicer, your tomatoes can be perfectly sliced every time. Complete with stainless steel blades, pushing block, and built in cutting board you'll be surprised you didn't acquire one of these sooner.


Set the unit on a flat surface. Your precise slicer comes assembled and ready for use. For your convenience, please consider also installing the table stop as necessary.


  • Pull the handle towards you and carefully place the tomato or other produce onto the slide board between the pusher plates and the blades. Exercise caution as the blades are sharp.
  • Withdraw your hand. With one quick and seamless motion, push the handle towards the blades and catch the tomato in your hand or a container.
  • Remove the sliced tomato from the slide board and repeat the procedure as desired.


  • To remove the pusher assembly for cleaning, remove the thumb screws and the slide stop and pull the pusher off the end of the slide board.
  • The slide board and the blade shield can be removed by removing their mounting screws.
  • To fully disassemble the pusher assembly for cleaning, remove the acorn and hex nuts at the top of the stack and carefully remove the pusher plates and spacers. Remove the other screws to disassemble the other parts from the guide plate.
  • Should you wash the Tomato PreciseSlicer in hot water, make sure the always rinse in lukewarm or cold water thereafter. Hot water may cause the slide board to expand, creating difficulty in pushing the pusher assembly until the slide board returns to room temperature.
  • Reverse the procedure to reassemble.


The blades are VERY SHARP. Please exercise caution when handling and operating the machine and keep hands away from all cutting edges and blades.

      • Commercial tomato slicer
      • Aluminum frame with stainless steel blade
      • Vertical and horizontal handles for proper cutting leverage
      • Cut a whole tomato into 4.8mm thick slices
      • Built in cutting board
      • 2 dozen tomatoes in 1 minute
      • Two handles make slicing safer and more comfortable
      • Four rubber feet to prevent slipping and scratching on the work surface
      • HDPE board ensures safe & durable food processing
      • Can be table or wall mounted
      • 2 years' warranty


    • Type: Cutters / Slicers
    • Application: Tomatoes
    • Blade type: Angled
    • Installation type: Counter-top
    • Material: Cast aluminum
    • NSF listed: Yes
    • Power type: Manual
    • Slice size: 4.8mm thick
    • Packing size: 400 x 210 x 240mm / 15.7" x 8.3" x 9.4" )
    • Packing weight: 3.22kg / 7.1lbs

Package Content
    • 1 X 4.8mm Commercial Grade Tomato Slicer

Comes with a 2 year warranty