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24-Egg auto Turn Incubator

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Automatic 24-Egg Incubator Hatching LED Egg Candling Chickens Ducks Pigeon Quail


  • Transparent window and built-in LED egg candling lamps so you can see the fertility of each egg every step of the way.

  • Creates an appropriate condition for hatching eggs of chickens and ducks.

  • Incubate and hatch successfully without turning during the hatching process.

  • The high-precision digital control allows you to regulate the incubation temperature and humidity at optimal levels.

  • Digital LED screen display shows detailed information for temperature, humidity, hatching days and more.

  • Great for households, small or large scale poultry or commercial farming, hatching chicken, duck, pigeon and quail eggs.



  • Intelligent Incubator: Turn the eggs automatically, a perfect simulation of the original hen hatching mode. Its exclusive built-in LED candling lamps to enable you to quickly observe the fertility of each egg and allow the removal of unfertilized eggs.

  • Transparent Window: The transparent window allows you to observe a series of incubation processes at any time.

  • 24-Egg Incubator: This incubator can hold 24 eggs.

  • High-precision System: Through fully electronic control and manual thermostat adjustment, the incubator is not affected by the external temperature.

  • Automatic Temperature Control: The humidity indicator is used to better control the humidity. The temperature display serves for better temperature control. Adjustable temperature: 20-40°C.

  • Digital Display: Electronic control and hatch tag display save your time for remembering or worrying about forgetting. You don't have to do anything, just wait for the chicks to arrive.

  • Advanced Design: Water inlet design is easy to fill water for adding humidity. The standard water bottle allows you to add water easily without opening the lid. The transparent incubator makes it possible to observe the water that is located under the inverted grid in the vessel. Indoor fan with uniform heat dissipation, low noise and low energy consumption provides a suitable incubation environment.




24 Eggs







Product Size

44 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm

Packing Size

44 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm

Gross Weight

2.5 kg


1 Year


  • Automatic temperature and humidity display/hatching days

  • Auto egg turning/egg turning countdown

  • Auto temperature control

  • Automatic high/low temperature and humidity alarm

  • LED egg candling